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|| i speak what i think, i live what i feel || || i am a very simple person || it dsnt take much to pls me cz i appreciate even the lil' things that a person does for me || i love sports || i like to keep myself in shape cz it makes me feel better abt myself || m a sucker for love ~ cz wn i love someone i give it my all no matter wat the consequences are || i love my friends to death ~ i really do, cz if it wsna for them i dnt think i'd get thru college without their support || i have learnt a lot in life and i have come to realize that "real wisdom comes from experience" || i love my family ~ i may not have the "perfect" family but despite all the sh*t that i have been thru with them, they were always there for me || m happy with my life ryt now || m proud to be the person i have become || i have no regrets abt my past mistakes || i believe dt the things ur scared of are usually worth while || || my weakness is my finest beauty; my truth is my reality||
Music: rnb, pop and alternative....songs mostly by alicia keys, usher, jojo, ciara, DC, matchbox20, simple plan, linkin park, good charlotte, eminem, ashanti, avril lavigne, maroon 5, snoop dog and i think u get the idea of what kinda music i like...*wink*
Movies: the gladiator, the first knight, serendipity, a walk to remember, i am sam, a beautiful mind, sweet november, the notebook, the italian job, true crime, panic room, LOR 1, 2&3, just married, monalisa's smile, crazy/beautiful, my bestfriends wedding, runaway bride, notting hill, untamed heart, ten things i hate about u, meet joe black, city of angels, cruel intentions, the incredibles, freaky friday, original sin, unfaithful hmmmmmmmmmm...hehehe *wink*
WhatImInto: i'm into sports, my family, my husband my baby...they are my life...
MyBestFeatures: hmmmm...i duno ask my friends...
MyDreams: to be the best parent i can be to my daughters and to be a good wife to my husband... to live my life to the fullest each and every day

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