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On the surface I am intelligent, outgoing, friendly and relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds. Introspectively, I am more of a social chameleon, an observer, trying to make sense of a world that seems to have swallowed a nightmare pill. I believe I have done my living the right way around. my life has been filled with travels, wacky adventures, excitement, diverse and interesting people, . Ive also experienced a certain amount of heart-break, learning from mistakes, tears, and memory-making, both good and bad. Im finally admitting that I would like to meet a partner with whom I can create new memories .... and experience adventures of a different variety with. I am a confident, intellectual, humorously, romantic man... I have an inquiring mind and a constant thirst for literature of all varieties. I am a fanatical animal-lover. Socially I prefer small, intimate get-together sharing good food and great wine with friends and loved ones, rather than large, superficial

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