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    5 ft. 11 in.
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  • Education:
    Masters Degree
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    Finance Economics
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    Yes, living elsewhere


What Im looking for

Not sure. I know what I dont want. Figure I will know when I get to know her. How about someone that I can be just me with! Oh yes.. Someone who can sing the female part of Paradise by the Dashboard light loud in the car with me! Haha

Do my best to get fit... Going to the gym but don\'t be impressed I definitely don\'t look the part and look like death on my way out. Hey come on Rome wasn\'t built in a day - Love dancing around and singing..especially in my free time or car seat. Weekends away.. just need the girl to come with me now

What I am looking for

Bubbly honest one man woman reliable social friendly young at heart call a spade a spade a realist financially independent... What you see is what you get..Quirky.. Love one liners... A little warped sense of humour you could say ... I can be serious when I have to be?? Nah!! Lol ;) Oops I nearly forgot - I sing and dance in the car