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NO NORTHERN GIRLS! IF YOU WON'T EMAIL ME, DON'T MESSAGE ME! NO HEAD GAMERS! TEXT ME IS A DEAL BREAKER! I "ONLY" DO EMAIL! Any real "Southern" women on here wanting a family with a very romantic man having lots of love to give? I want a real partner, not a dead weight. Love is a verb there must be action, things to be done, and romance or it's all fake. I am seriously searching for my soulmate, for my last romance, for a family, forever. I'm looking for a nice southern girl, but I'm open. I like being in the bath. I am complicated, equal parts dreamer, hopeless romantic, philosopher, poet, novelist, engineer, scientist, designer, builder, inventor, body man, mechanic, and all-around Mr. Fixit. Most of the women my age would look like I'm out with my mom or grandma, no thank you.

What I am looking for

NO NORTHERN GIRLS! Don't even message me if you're from up north as I HATE head gamers. I'm looking for a smart "southern" girl a real partner, not a dead weight, wanting a family with a very romantic randy guy with lots of love to give. A girl that's pretty but not too pretty to ruin her with a big head, a fun girl, witty, sexy, playful, outgoing, giving, capable, and able. Has a job, pays her bills, her own car, and her own place maybe or savings that is wanting a very romantic man with a lot of love to give. I can help A LOT with the car and the house, I have all the skills and know-how for most things. I'm seeking a "real" life partner that is serious and committed.