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    3 ft. 0 in.
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    High School
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    Computers Hardware
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    Yes, living with me


I would like to describe myself through my views about life. Life for me is really beautiful and sad. There's really a lot in this world to be happy about. It's just a matter of attitude. If we choose to be happy, we can be happy. If we choose to be sad, we can be sad. So, why should we be lonely and sulk in misery when we could be happy? If we like to live a life simply and be happy about simple things - that's our choice. Anyway, there are a thousand different ways of living life happily,I love to laugh and have fun and experience life, but I do have serious side and really strive each day to do and learn things that help me to be a better person and expand my experience and contribution to this world, and am caring and honest, respectfull and not cheating. I'm intrigued by people who's opinions and ideas challenge me to see things in a new light and broaden my world view, but I appreciate someone who understands where I'm coming from and can allow me to be who I am without trying to change my ways

What I am looking for

He should be Romantic at heart, Loving, Caring, A Hard working and when i mean hard working i dont mean he should workerholic ..Lol and he should not be lazy, A friend, A Lover, A Soulmate, He doesn't need to ask what I feel he knows it already! He must be open minded easygoing, Can be gooffy and funny, and not take life too seriously, We should enjoy it while we are young, A good listener and gives flowers just because and like to receive love notes from me from time to time. and , A candlelight dinner and walking hand in hand in the rain and not notice it was raining, He should be someone that I can call as my Bestfriend, Lover, Husband, Soulmate, I will be very happy to find him, I never look at the physical appearance because in due time it will fade away, I'am looking for what deep inside the real person behind the mask that is most important to me, and never afraid to show his true feelings, I believe that there is always the right one for us, and can communicate how he feels as long as we have a good communication we can handle everything, He should enjoy Sight seeing of mother nature because they are unxplaineable experience that no words can say, I love to have my own family someday with the right person, but for now I will settle to know you better, who knows you might be the one or you might become my bestfriend which is not a bad , life is complicated enough and I try not to analyze thing so much, I enjoy it and go with the flow of life which is less complicated don't you think so? I'm close to my family and they are my greatest strenght and they are always there no matter what comes in my life and I will never trade them with anything in life :)